Submitting a Competition

If you’re familiar with GitHub and your competition fits the criteria below, please make a pull request to our GitHub Repo - see further instructions in the README.

If you aren’t familiar with GitHub, please get in touch via Twitter or Discord and we can add it for you.

Criteria for Inclusion

In order for a competition to be listed on ML Contests, it must:

  1. Have a set deadline (indefinitely ongoing competitions will not be accepted)
  2. Be viewable by anyone (competitions requiring sign-up to see details will not be accepted)
  3. Not require any kind of monetary investment from participants (no entrance fees or crypto staking)
  4. Either:
    1. Have a total cash prize pool of at least $1,000, or
    2. Be an official competition at a top machine learning or robotics conference such as NeurIPS, CVPR, ICRA, ICLR, ICPR, ICML, IROS, or MICCAI.

If your competition is affiliated with a conference not listed here, please feel free to submit it and a decision will be made regarding inclusion.

“Cash prize pool” includes funds denominated in any government-issued currency, or liquid cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH). It does not include travel grants, compute credits, or other non-monetary prizes such as GPUs or branded swag.