COVID-19 diagnostics, Cloud GPUs, Tianchi CV competitions

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There’s lots going on in competitive machine learning at the moment - here are some highlights…

COVID-19 Diagnostics

Kaggle launched a new competition yesterday with the goal of improving COVID-19 diagnostics using chest radiographs. PCR tests are great, but results can take hours or days to come back. If chest radiograph prove to be a viable diagnostic tool, they could give results in just minutes. You can join the competition here and be in with a shot at the $100k prize pool!

Cloud GPU Comparison

Cloud GPUs provide the kind of flexible and scalable compute you need for competitive ML, but it can be difficult to choose the right provider. Today we're launching our Cloud GPU Comparison page, showing prices and features across multiple providers. Reply to this email to let us know what you think of it!

Tianchi CV Competitions

Somehow ML Contests has been running for over a year without listing competitions from China's biggest platform; Alibaba Cloud's Tianchi. That's changed now, and we have four Tiachi Computer Vision competitions live on the website, focused on identifying products and logos in images. We’ve also started listing competitions from, including this Geoscience visualisation challenge.

And more...

Read our article on KDnuggets for more insight on 2020's competition winners. There are currently 22 live competitions you can take part in, with prize pools from $400 to $147k! Some highlights: earthquake prediction. Can you distinguish potential alien communications from background space noise? Separating audio sources

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