COVID-19 prediction, M5 Forecasting, and other challenges

ML Contests: March 2020 Update

I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well! If you've just found yourself spending a lot more time at home and are looking for a constructive outlet or a welcome distraction, why not apply your ML skills to some of these challenges?

M5 Forecasting

Now on Kaggle: M5 forecasting, the latest iteration of the Makridakis open forecasting competitions. These competitions have been running for almost 40 years now, and have been used to compare the power of different time-series forecasting methods on different types of data sets. To make it more interesting this time, in addition to the academic kudos, there are prizes available for a total of $100k. For the first time, the competition has been split into two parts - Accuracy and Uncertainty. Deadline is 23 June.

Waymo Open Dataset

Waymo just launched its Open Dataset Challenges - five separate computer vision challenges with application to self-driving, with a total prize pool of $110k! Competitions focus on 2D and 3D detection and tracking, as well as domain adaptation. Deadline is end of May.


Both Kaggle and Zindi have launched competitions around COVID-19, to help contribute to ongoing research. Zindi's competition focuses on predicting the global spread, while Kaggle has a research challenge with 10 different open-ended tasks centred around synthesising current COVID-19 knowledge. Each of the Kaggle tasks has a $1k prize, with the option to donate to COVID-19 relief/research efforts.

Dozens of other challenges

Some other recently launched contests worth highlighting: François Chollet's Abstraction and Reasoning Challenge challenges you to create an AI that can solve reasoning tasks it has never seen before. The Gawler Challenge asks if you can identify areas with mineral deposits in South Australia - for a total of $250k in prizes. The full list of ongoing contests with prize pools up to $1m is at

Stay safe, and happy hacking! If your hands are on your keyboard they're not touching your face 😉

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