2020: Kaggle RL; 12 live contests; $1.5m+ in prizes

ML Contests: February 2020 Update


Some news since the last update: expect to see more reinforcement learning (RL) competitions in 2020, including some from Kaggle. As opposed to the traditional supervised learning contests that Kaggle popularised, where you're submitting static answers and ranked on prediction accuracy, this type of competition requires you to submit an agent which can take actions in an environment. Kaggle only recently added support for these, and right now has one trial competition up: Connect X. Time to brush up on RL! I highly recommend Lilian Weng's overview.

A few interesting contests which went live in the last few weeks:

I've made a few tweaks to the website which should make it more usable on mobile - please hit reply and let me know if you have any feedback.

Happy ML hacking ;)

PS: I've started playing around with Paperspace for cloud GPUs. Use my code ZKGRZB5 to sign up and get $10 free credit!