$1m Deepfake Detection Challenge and others

$1m+ Prizes In New ML Contests

Firstly, thanks for signing up to this mailing list! This is the first update email, and probably the last one this year.

  • Deepfake Detection Challenge - at a million dollars, this challenge has by far the largest prize pool of all currently live contests! This contest was announced a while ago, but the full training set was only released on the 11th. Entry deadline is 3rd of March; final submission deadline 31st March.

  • Open Source Rover Challenge - use AWS RoboMaker and SageMaker to train RL agents to control NASA's Mars Rover. $20k prize pool, deadline 21st Feb.

  • Flood Prediction in Malawi - help UNICEF to predict flood-prone areas in Malawi. $10k prize pool, deadline 1st June 2020. Only 53 teams on the leaderboard so far!

  • Automated Time Series Regression - with just under two weeks left, only 36 registered participants, and a $5k prize pool, if you've got experience with time series regression and AutoML you might want to give this one a go!

In addition to those, there are a handful of contests finishing before the end of the year. Don't miss out - check the full list on mlcontests.com!

Happy ML hacking :)